Well, we did it. Given the strength of the dynamics forecast to plow thru the Mid-Atlantic my son & his wife and I headed out our respective doors in the wee hours this morning and converged at a truck stop off I-95 north of Richmond at 4:00 a.m. After obtaining some much needed sustenance (caffeine and sugar) we wandered east into the darkness of Caroline county and found a good spot to sit and wait while we monitored radar and the weather radio. For a while things looked very good, with a squall line reforming east of the Blue Ridge and heading our way with some punch. Alas, as things go, such was not to be. The line fell apart before it got to us, even tho’ we were under a tornado watch. No lightning, no hail, and definitely no rotation. I got home at 7:00 in time to take a shower and trudge off to work, but at least we had the first chase of 2007 under our belts!!!