FINALLY!! A real honest-to-goodness chase under a SPC slight risk and a severe TS watch! My son and I left home just before 1800 UT to head west to Opal as we decided to target the Warrenton/Culpeper region given the forecast SW-NE trajectory. We wanted to get in place just as the first cells ahead of a cold front began to fire because a squall line was forecast to rapidly form. At 1900 we pulled off U.S. 29 just north of Culpeper to watch as the initial cells built and then headed eastward to stay ahead of the line. It quickly built into the forecast squall line as we passed through the intersection at Batna before continuing east into Spotsylvania. We saw a cool leading edge lowering at Lake of the Woods and watched as the line bore down on us in the Chancellor area (see photo). All in all we were done by 2100 as the line diffused and steamed eastward. A chase!!!