With decent CAPE, upper level cold pool, and almost no cap today’s convection began bubbling early so I left work at 1830 UT and headed home, stopping to observe a couple of cells. After reviewing the weather watches (we were under a severe TS watch) and not seeing much on radar I decided to pick a visible updraft to the west and hope it continued developing. Left home at ~1930 for western Stafford on back roads and finally settled in place to watch two separate storms, enjoying the distant lightning and thunder in a rural setting. With a time limit (I had an evening meeting to attend) and not seeing anything severe I left for home at 2105, stopping for a quick dinner with friends at a local restaurant. As I left the restaurant to go to my meeting I saw a beautifully sunlit cell. The main storm punch came (of course!) during my meeting in which power blinked several times with close CG strikes. A very chaseable day in the local area!