Another June chase, albeit another one with a time constraint as I had yet another evening meeting. I was able to leave work at 1830 UT again and sped home to doublecheck radar. The good stuff – which I couldn’t wait on – was still pretty far north but I decided to catch a cell in eastern Fauquier county. I left home at 1918 and wended my way via back roads to a spot behind the storm where I saw what looked like beginnings of a wall cloud wrapping up (first photo). Seeing nothing else I headed further into Fauquier county for an even better view of the storm (second photo). While there I heard reports of another more promising storm coming from the north that was briefly tornado-warned. I started to head toward Warrenton to intercept it and realized that I didn’t have time to do that and make it to my evening meeting. I reluctantly called it a chase and headed for home. The best action came after dark when a squall line rolled through with some great CG’s, wind, and radar-indicated hail in the area.