Even tho’ conditions were definitely ripe yesterday I experienced a total chase bust for my efforts. The SPC, the local WFO, and the models I looked at all agreed that I should have seen something for my troubles, but such was not to be. After monitoring radar for a couple of hours I left home at 1930 UT for Bealeton to position myself for the predicted northeastward traveling cells. Given the general funkiness of the air (three H’s in abundance!) visibility was limited and I sat in one spot for almost an hour without seeing much. I finally headed westward toward a darker patch of sky and was rewarded with thunder rumbles, but that was it. I broke a cardinal rule of chasing and left for home early to see what was going on. The image above shows the severe TS watch box overlain on a radar view which itself shows what was not happening. The only cells in Virginia east of the Blue Ridge hugged the ridgeline and were not worth chasing. Nothing else happened (not even at night when the front came through) and I was shut out once again.