Beggars can’t be choosy, so I won’t complain too much about trees and lack of a decent road system…After several abortive convective events I finally scored something severe today. With both a mesoscale discussion and a severe TS watch for the region I was able to pull away from work early and head home to check radar and grab my gear. After noticing that one cell headed southeastward near Orange had radar-indicated rotation I determined my target area and headed out the door at 1945 UT. Stopping in Thornburg to rescope the situation I made a command decision to head westward and then southward to get south of the rotation but alas, I was 20 minutes too late. I stopped in the parking lot of Spotsylvania High School and snapped a regular and a closeup shot of what appeared to be a wall cloud to my south just before heavy rain set in. These photos were taken at the same time as the doppler velocity image shown which validates that what I saw most likely was a wall cloud. I turned back east to get ahead of the storm but it weakened quickly. If only I hadn’t dallied too long at home I might have been in position to see if anything was under that wall cloud….