Under a slight risk Sunday with the setup looking okay to the east I headed out at 1900 UT to pick up my son and move southeast to Port Royal. The overall atmosphere was very hazy and/or overcast…we couldn’t tell the difference, but we still couldn’t see much. My son’s cellphone internet link allowed us to track the developing convection and (after a very unpleasant encounter with a horrible odor in a parking lot at Port Royal) we decided to move further south and east to intercept a northeastward moving cell in King & Queen county. We actually found a couple of good vantage points amid the everpresent treelines and watched as CG’s sizzled down around us. We sat still for a static core punch and held on while the rain came in sideways with 35 knot gusts (photo). We couldn’t see many features due to the dog days haze, but we chalked up another enjoyable outing.