Currently sitting in a hotel in Moore OK after flying into Dallas yesterday for my Plains mini-chase. With my western chasing (bad) luck intact I have arrived during a lull in the action and am hoping that things will look better tomorrow than they appear. Absolutely nothing is forecast to happen today, so heading west toward the dryline is not in the cards. Based on the inconsistent model runs and the current SPC “See Text” for tomorrow we will move up I-35 to the Wichita area later today in order to be closer to the approaching front tomorrow. It’s a tossup between being too far north for good moisture return and wanting to be closer to the frontal dynamics in hopes that it will overcome the strong cap. And for Tuesday (my last available day out here) it appears that we’ll have to bite the bullet and head into northwestern Arkansas, where the terrain reminds me of the Mid-Atlantic with rolling hills, trees, and limited sightlines. Yuck! Oh well, at least I’m here!