Despite multiple model depictions of convection in central/southern OK and despite two mesoscale discussions and a severe TS watch, we busted big time today. We had an “opportunity” to chase a couple of hailers in eastern OK along interstate 40 but I had vowed to avoid the hilly and treed terrain of that region as it reminded me too much of Mid-Atlantic chasing. We positioned ourselves along and south of the cold front all day, moving around to keep an eye out for sustained updrafts, but all we saw was towering cumulus (Tcu) and nothing else. Now here in Ada OK we are in place for the 3 hour run to DFW airport tomorrow morning for me to catch my flight back home. If not for yesterday’s lone supercell that we fortunately intercepted (I claim no super-forecast skills for that one…that was luck.) we would have been totally shut out for these four days. This trip makes a great case for scheduling 8-10 days for a chasecation out here in the Plains, but that’s not always possible financially or time-wise. One does what one can do!