It appears that Florida and the southeastern U.S. has the first tropical system of the season to keep an eye on. The current NHC forecast track for Fay has it sliding just west of Florida’s west coast and making landfall in the panhandle:
It’s still early so this track will likely shift, but it seems that the Everglades could get some much needed rainfall. Meanwhile back here in the Mid-Atlantic I’ll be keeping an eye on the potential for severe weather later in the week. Here’s a current forecast for the center of Fay’s circulation for next Friday afternoon:
This too is way early to count on such long range forecasts, but at least this shows (from the GFS model if anyone is interested) the circulation heading west of our area. That very well could mean that we’ll be on the right side of the system to see rotating storms a la the remnants of Ivan in Sept 2004, during which northern Virginia experienced a tornado outbreak. Something worth watching…