With only a 20% chance of storms and not much indication of convection I was surprised to see this radar depiction near dinnertime. Even tho’ the better looking storms were to the north I chose to roll out the driveway at 6:10 pm to go look at the cell labeled “D1” above, as it was the right hand cell in a splitting storm (M1 was the left side of the split) which many times is an indicator of severity. I found a good spot just west of I-95 and just north of the Central Park maelstrom where I had this view of the rain free base south of the main rain shaft:

As this portion of the storm seemed to be crawling ever so slowly in my direction I chose to stay put and observe, getting a glimpse of a cool-looking notch in the back edge of the updraft:
Nothing exciting happened, and I didn’t see any lightning or hear any thunder, but it was a neat site to catch a glimpse of the sun peeking through the weakening updraft.
I picked up dinner on the way home and arrived back in my driveway after 7:00 as the remnants of the rain shaft hit. Even tho’ nothing severe showed up I was able to (a) scratch the itch to chase without going very far and (b) get out of mowing the grass this evening. Not a bad combination!