This photo shows that fall foliage has finally fleshed out in the Fredericksburg area…how’s that for alliteration? We’ve had sunshine yesterday and today after a pesky coastal storm kept clouds, drizzle, and a few showers over the Mid-Atlantic all week, kinda like Seattle weather. The storm system that spawned a decent chase day in the Central Plains earlier this week didn’t provide any excitement around here with a cold frontal passage early this morning, and I don’t see anything in the models for any further chasing opportunities around here. That probably means the end of the 2008 chase season, since the Veterans’ Day holiday pretty much bookends our convective chances. Of course, the National Hurricane Center probably felt that way about the 2008 tropical system until Paloma fired up this week (Category 4!). I’m settling into the fall/winter mindset at the moment, reviewing my chase logs and planning my writeup for this past season. I already have a first draft of our April mini-chase in the Plains, but that wound up being fairly short as we didn’t have much luck out there (again!). Oh well… wait ’til next year!!