The local airport is currently reporting 14 degrees (F), while the forecast for tonight is for a low of 17. That doesn’t bode well for warm weather folks like me, but at least the dew point is back up to 10 degrees so the low tonight won’t get below that. Both yesterday and today were well below climatology for early February, with gusty winds and (obviously) low temperatures making life outside rather miserable. The good news is that this system is moving off the coast and the warmup begins tomorrow, with the weekend actually looking relatively toasty.
Long range models have pushed off storminess next week until Thursday, with a slight bit of instability showing up early that morning. Don’t think it’ll be anything to get excited about chasing wise around here, but the SPC convective forecast for this coming Sunday (shown above) may kick off the chase season in Tornado Alley. The buzz on chaser forums and blogs seems to indicate that a number of folks will be out on Sunday to dust off their gear and shake off winter-induced SDS (Supercell Deprivation Syndrome). I still hold out hope for a Mid-Atlantic chase season kickoff in March, so patience is still the order of the day.