I left Virginia for the Florida panhandle this week for a business trip in hopes that I would see some warmer sunnier weather. Alas, such was not to be as that area of the “Sunshine State” was socked in with low ceilings, cool temperatures, and rain rates varying from annoying drizzle to thunderstorm-associated downpours. In fact the county I was in (Okaloosa) was tornado-warned Tuesday afternoon, but I was stuck in a meeting and couldn’t get out to look. (It would have been a dicey chase at best as the visibilities sucked.) I left to return home this morning and missed the above hailstorm (the purple core above) which occurred several hours after my flight out. Good thing, too, as I might have had to deal with hail damage to a rental car.
As for tomorrow (Friday) my last peek at the local models showed the potential for some storms around here during early afternoon. The SPC Day 2 forecast indicates a “See Text” for us with storms forecast during a morning frontal passage, but the aforementioned models show the front gliding through later in the day. Either way I’m keeping an eye on the radar tomorrow just in case!