I knew an occluded front was due through the area early today, so I took my chase gear with me this morning. Even tho’ I had a radar display updating on my computer I lost track of time and thus had to quickly dash out at 1130 (see radar view above) when I realized the front was almost upon us. As a result I had no time to establish a plan of action and wound up flying by the seat of my pants. This turned out not to be a good thing once I’d punched through the initial band and made a couple of bad navigational decisions. I couldn’t get into position on the fast-moving storms and wound up struggling to get ahead of the front by zooming east on Virginia Route 3 toward Montross. Alas, the heavy rain and strong outflow hit just shy of that Northern Neck metropolis and I pulled off into a convenient driveway to let it go. The picture above shows the best view I obtained of the southern section of the front.