I was finally able to get to the models page I prefer and I’ve modified my target location if I was chasing in Tornado Alley today. I’ve moved it westward to Woodward OK based on the model data showing storms breaking out near the TX/OK panhandle line by early afternoon. Storm reports from yesterday did show some hail reports near my target location, so I guess it would have been a decent chase day.

Now, switching to Monday back here in Virginia, this model shows the eastern sections of our state with a shot at some decent convective potential in the afternoon. In fact the SPC has us under a Slight Risk, with a 30% probability of severe weather; that is sometimes enough to force an upgrade to a Moderate Risk. I won’t really get stirred up about chasing Monday until tomorrow’s forecasts and model runs come out, but this could mean I need to invest some more vacation time Monday afternoon!