Sitting here in the hotel room in Midland TX I’ve been vacillating between two undesirable choices:
(1) Head south to the Ft.Stockton area and chase expected late afternoon / evening convection and then face a five hour drive north to Lubbock to set us up for another five hour drive on Tuesday to reach southwestern Kansas.
(2) Blow off chasing again today and head north to Amarillo (a 4 1/2 hour drive).

Since I don’t think my tortured stormchaser soul could handle blowing off two days in a row I think we’ll take door number 1 and just suck it up for a late night arrival in Lubbock tonight. This accursed stationary front has screwed up chasing again unless we want to do the deja vu thing and go after more storms along the Red River under the gloomy overcast. (NOT!) Thus our choice between bad and worse options.

Meanwhile these two shots are video captures from Friday’s chase in Oklahoma. As we chased the storm east along back roads we caught glimpses of possibly two different funnels from the same wallcloud:

Both vidcaps have been edited to enhance the contrasts to better show the feature. We tried desperately to get closer but ran out of road. All this occurred before our night-time lightning chase for which I posted a videoclip earlier.