Now back home it seems like this chase was a long time ago; in fact it was just yesterday! We did start out in Pratt watching updrafts build along the approaching cold front, and then began leap-frogging east and south to stay ahead of the growing storms. This photo was from relatively early during the development:
As we continued east and south from the Pratt vicinity we came across more chasers as this wall cloud began wrapping up and the storm started spitting out artillery-quality lightning/thunder couplets:
As the storms grew and coalesced into an ominous line we kept ahead of it and continued to stop and watch other lowerings:
Winding around on dirt roads (can’t always believe the maps regarding pavement) we pushed southward and crossed the state line into northern Oklahoma and began to see members of the Vortex 2 team. Even tho’ we were under a tornado watch I didn’t see much hope for tornadoes given the linear nature of the storms and the outflow dominance (some reports of winds over 70 mph near our location at one point) but we wished them well as we watched the outflow build under the fantastic cloud formations:
It was a very eventful chase, but we were shut out again from seeing a tornado in Tornado Alley. Oh well, the chase season isn’t over with here in Virginia!