Okay, I am beating a dead horse…I admit it. After some more thought I decided to investigate the 13 May power flash we videoed to see if it was realistic to assume that was from the tornado that hit Anadarko OK that night. Per the map above we pulled off Rte 281 a mile north of Hinton OK, faced south, and started the videocamera at ~2050 CDT. At ~ 2054 the videocamera picked up a power flash that we didn’t notice via the MK 1 eyeball given the prolific lightning show in front of us. The official SPC tornado report of an EF2 is marked 2122 (~28 minutes after the powerflash) and mentions that the tornado developed near the town of Gracemont and moved south along Highway 281, eventually striking the southeast side of Anadarko.

Gracemont OK is 25 miles by road south of our location, making it 22-23 miles straightline distance from the camera. Assuming a southward storm motion of 15 mph the tornado would have traveled ~7 miles in 28 minutes, meaning at the time we recorded the powerflash the tornado was ~16 miles south of us (23-7=16). So we did “see” a tornado this trip to the Alley…and this analysis vindicates our decision to call off the chase after it got dark. I’m a daytime chaser, not a nighttime one!