After all was said and done yesterday I was a bit miffed at myself for not being patient enough to wait out the storms in the original intercept spot I’d selected in southeastern Fauquier county. I knew the line was building just east of the Blue Ridge as the cold front nudged in from the west, but I was too impatient to wait for them to get to me. The result was that I wandered around back roads with limited visibility until I pulled out onto Rte 17 northbound and the gust front was RIGHT THERE! Pulling a quick U-turn I scooted south to snap this picture:
Since the line was sweeping onward I continued southbound on Rte 17 to Storck Road and stopped at the eastern end of that thoroughfare to video the oncoming storms. The best result was this vidcap of a fairly close CG:
Timing is everything…the best CG of the day and the van just had to be in the picture!

Another storm fired on the outflow boundary just to my south so the rain (and indicated hailshaft) filled in rapidly as I attempted to stay ahead of the system. I wound my way toward home until I noticed yet another storm to the south that looked like it had a lowering on it, so I bypassed the house and made my way to Rte 3 eastbound in King George county (second day in a row!) and watched this scud on the leading edge to see if any rotation would ensue:
Nothing exciting manifested itself on this line so I called it a day and arrived home after 1830. A decent chase, and I did manage – via a broadband internet connection – to avoid the hailshafts, but I didn’t see anything severe this day.