After this morning’s storms I wasn’t certain how much time the atmosphere would need to recuperate, so I hedged my bets by taking a couple hours off work and heading home to meet today’s chase partner, Jonas, of the local newspaper. We left for Culpeper in his truck at 1430 and wound up at a favored viewing spot just east of there waiting for convection to take hold. Using my trusty internet connection I realized that a robust line was building west of the Blue Ridge but would take a while to cross over into the Piedmont, so we relocated southeast down Rte 522 after a quick snack stop. We sat and watched as the line cleared the ridgeline and trudged in our direction, providing a nascent wallcloud and plenty of CGs:

As the rain approached we retreated southeastward ahead of it, stopping once to snap more photos before beating feet to the Unionville intersection and checking radar once again. To my surprise I noticed an outflow boundary shooting northwestward from storms that had collapsed east of Richmond, and it looked as if it would intersect “our” storms not far from us. We pushed a bit further southeast before parking and watching as “our” storms basically paused in mid-flight as they hit the outflow boundary and began pushing up more updrafts. Once the rain (and CG’s) got close we moved further down 522 to Ware’s Crossroads, where I realized that we were going to be surrounded by the burgeoning convection and wouldn’t be able to avoid punching through some tough weather. Thus, we chose to do a “static core punch” and waited out the rain, wind, and very prolific CGs.
After things cleared out Jonas motored back north and we came across this scene on I-95 before arriving back at my house at 2030:
All in all it was a very satisfying chase, one which Jonas seemed to also enjoy even tho’ we didn’t see any real rotating wallclouds. More chasing may be on the horizon the next few days!