You know, Nature just isn’t fair! I headed out this afternoon to chase a lone cell in Fauquier county that was severe-warned, but it died down pretty quickly after I intercepted it in southeastern Fauquier. I checked radar several times and saw no other storms anywhere near chaseable so I headed home, arriving sometime after 7:00. About 7:30 I noticed an anvil cloud to the west and checked radar again to find a cell exploding over Orange. I agonized over the decision, but I finally decided to stay put since I couldn’t get into position before dark. Then, literally as I watched, this cell split in two, which is a good indication of severity. The left hand cell moved almost due east toward us, so I wound up going back out to a local spot to video and take pictures. The top 3 images are of that cell and one behind it.
As the sun set I noticed another storm to the north that was rumbling with almost continuous lightning, so I headed home (again) to find a complex of storms crashing southward toward us. Given the forecast these were probably associated with the cold front due through here this evening. This radar depiction shows the complex:
It had continuous lightning and was hail indicated in several places, altho’ up to now I haven’t seen or heard any hail. But, there is more storminess coming, so who knows? If only this had all been during daylight what a chase it could have been…