When the SPC indicated a 5% tornado probability for our region I immediately checked the models and verified the chance. Thus when cells began firing this afternoon I was able to head out to attempt a mid-afternoon intercept of one in eastern King George county. That one didn’t amount to much, but I noticed on radar a nice complex with rotation indicated steaming northeast from the Charlottesville area. As I maneuvered toward the Massaponax area the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for that cell and my anticipation level jumped several notches. After plowing through some heavy rain and equally heavy traffic I managed to get south of the cell near New Post and took the above photos of a wallcloud and funnel. I watched the entire life cycle of the funnel to ensure it wasn’t just stray scud before I called it in to the NWS Sterling office. The wall cloud continued to gain definition as it headed toward the Potomac River:
I watched this until it faded into a rainy mess and started for home, only to see another lowering on a cell to my west. I promptly did a U-turn and stopped to watch this pass, catching yet another wallcloud as the back edge of the cell continued east of me.
Good chase, and a verified forecast. Now I have video to edit…