On May 15th we started out just outside Pratt Kansas (tornado central) watching as a line of storms grew along a cold front. All afternoon long we moved south and east to stay ahead of the line in hopes of catching a tornado, sharing the byways with other chasers and – after crossing into Oklahoma – the Vortex 2 motorcade. This photo was snapped during yet another leapfrog sprint across southern Kansas, trying to keep ahead of this outflow-dominant cell (note the shelf cloud out in front of it) in hopes that it would cycle into a more inflow dominant regime. We did witness a nice rotating wall cloud or two this day but never saw a funnel or tornado.

Since today is Veterans’ Day (and here’s a SALUTE!! to all those who have served in our armed forces) and there are no chaseable storms in the foreseeable future for the Mid-Atlantic I have to conclude that the 2009 chase season is officially over. I could yet be surprised but I doubt it. I’ll just have to hope that March 2010 holds some potential so that it’s only four months ’til another chase season.