Sitting here at home watching radar and darting outside occasionally to keep an eye on the local convective towers that are struggling to break through the cap.  According to the radar loop the backdoor cold front (or a strong Chesapeake Bay breeze) is crossing I-95 as I write this, so I’m hopeful that will let loose the hounds…errrr, stir up the convection.  Otherwise the nearest storms are over near Charlottesville and up around DC, neither of those in my desirable chasing locales.   Waiting…

UPDATE 9:30 pm:

This is the only action I’ve witnessed for the past 3 hours.  These cells formed over the higher terrain in West Virginia and have been slowly oozing eastward, barely making it across the Blue Ridge at this hour.  So much for the convective potential for today, which included us being in a (now-cancelled) Severe TS watch area.  How much more disappointing can this May become?  This is beginning to remind me of 2007, which was the worst Northern Virginia chase season I’ve experienced to date.