The local forecast models called for two lines of storms to develop today:  one early in the afternoon (~2 pm) associated with a lee trough over the Piedmont and the other later (~ 5 pm) associated with an approaching weak cold front.  The former convective line occurred, while the latter didn’t. Due to the early convective start I wound up getting into position barely ahead of the southernmost cell of a line of storms west of Lignum off Rte 3.  Looking back to the northeast I could see what looked like a wall cloud north of the Rappahannock River, but that cell was out of reach.

Choosing to stay in place I turned around to face southwest to watch another cell  approach with a distinctive lowering behind the leading edge, but I never verified any rotation even after viewing the video I took during its approach.

After the heavy rain and minor flooding passed me by I wandered along behind the line in Culpeper county until I noticed another updraft punching upwards.  So, I motored over to Rte 20 and headed south to the Locust Grove “Town Center” where I parked for about 45 minutes to watch as several cells developed on the end of the overall line.  I never saw anything severe, but I did watch an area of interesting scud for a while.

Finally giving up on the supposed second line I headed home through rush hour traffic just behind the above cell’s rainshaft.  Overall I witnessed a few CGs, lots of rain, very little outflow wind, no hail, and no rotation…i.e. a garden variety Virginia thunderstorm day.  Good chase, nonetheless.