I positioned myself in Bealeton just off Rte 17 around 2:30 pm this afternoon, plotting my trajectory against the oncoming storm trajectories via radar.  Given that a nice-looking cell was moving east from the Culpeper vicinity I chose to move east and south along Fauquier county back roads, winding up in the southeastern corner of the county near the hamlet of Somerville.  This photo was taken looking almost due west, showing what I identified as a rotating wall cloud south of the main rain shaft.


  I called it in to the NWS Sterling forecast office at 3:21 pm, and at 3:30 pm they issued a tornado warning for Fauquier and Stafford counties for this cell (tornadic signature seen here):

As the rain shaft caught up with me I moved further south and east, winding up in northwestern Stafford county desperately trying to keep an eye on that part of the storm while avoiding the heavy rains.  I wound up unsuccessful at both attempts, winding up punching the core of a tornado-warned storm!  I didn’t experience anything other than heavy rain and a few CGs, so I wasn’t really worried with no wind or hail evident.
I followed the building line through Stafford county into western King George county, enjoying an extended vista of the entire line but not witnessing anything else severe.  All in all another good chase!