A few showers rolled through the area early yesterday afternoon, preempting later convection that may otherwise have been more vigorous.  Tired from a very busy weekend, I first headed out with the intention of just stopping at a local school parking lot to watch the storm’s approach:

As shown in this photo there was a distinct rain-free base to the south of the rain shaft, but it was definitely outflow-dominant so no hope of a wall cloud.  In fact, I never heard thunder or saw lightning from this complex but I did give in to my chaser’s impulse to wearily trudge after it into King George county, where I watched as it merged with other growing cells to form a convective line that marched south and east.

This afternoon there is a relatively weak short wave that is pumping up convection near an also weak “cold” front that should slide south of here tonight.   I am watching a few showers on radar but nothing exciting is happening yet.