I did give chase to a convective line this afternoon…AFTER I verified that at least some storms survived their Appalachian crossing.  Unfortunately the portion of this line – associated with a front that dropped Shannon Airport’s temperature into the mid-80’s after a high of 104 degrees F – that passed through Fredericksburg fell apart, with the southernmost cell dumping prodigious amounts of rain juuuuuuuust north of town.  I first intercepted the line in central Stafford county where I wound up juxtaposed between the last and the next-to-last cell under a rain free base.  Keeping an eye on that base for any signs of storm organization I retreated in front of the line to the Stafford Regional Airport location where I stopped and watched as the northern cell spit out rain and lightning as the southern cell headed directly for me:

I never saw any organization, nor did I observe any lightning from the above cell, but I enjoyed the sight of the onrushing rain shaft as it approached my position:

After the rain lessened I headed south on Route 1, reaching totally dry pavement about a half-mile south of the Stafford Airport intersection.  Soooo close, but no rain for the city.  Oh, and all the decent storm activity stayed to the north as well.