So far we’ve missed the storms that have passed through the area.  Several prolific rain producers formed just east of town and tracked away from us, but there are a few more cells still off to the north and west that may yet find their way to us.

I did manage to “chase” this afternoon in King George county, seeing only heavy rain and some lightning.  I mainly enjoyed the vistas I was blessed enough to witness, including a southern view of two separate cells with a rain free base between them over the Rappahannock River valley:

Turning around to the north I watched as an outflow boundary from a cell over the Potomac River snaked its way toward me, made visible by a ragged roll cloud that clearly exhibited upward movement along its leading edge and downward motion along the trailing edge:

As this feature passed over me a breeze cooled me down as I waited for the boundary to interact with the cells to the south.  I thought I saw the beginnings of a lowering but the storms were well on their way eastward at that point.
I headed home to check radar and promptly scooted out the driveway again to check out a local cell that was passing just to our north.  It appeared to show a lowering from a rain free base back of the rain shaft, but nothing clearly jumped out at me:

All in all I enjoyed this afternoon’s storms, but nothing that I saw gave evidence to the severe TS watch we were under.