2004 Remington VA F3 tornado from remnants of Ivan

Given the parade of disturbances emerging off the African coast and trudging across the Atlantic we may yet get a chance at chasing the remnants of a tropical system.  Two successful such chases that come to mind happened in 2002 (Isidore) and 2004 (Ivan), and one chase that I missed was 2005 when the remnants of the awesome Katrina roared through.  All three instances spawned tornadoes and all three occurred during the month of September, lending credence to the climatological tropical storm peak during that month.  These all occurred when the moist tropical air was stirred by the vorticity (spin) imparted by the fading remnants of these storms and cooked by the still strong September sunshine.  A more direct hit – a la Isabel in 2003 – is not conducive to anything but flooding and wind damage, so we certainly don’t want that to occur again.  Even if such a setup occurs there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to chase given what appears to be a very busy September schedule looming around the corner.  But you can bet I’ll have my eyes open for the opportunity to chase!