Quick post of a couple of pictures and brief writeup.  I have videos to edit plus there are more storms on the way that I might have to check out in a night chase.

I started out heading toward Culpeper today but was redirected – via my newly integrated MiFi and iTouch connection – southward down Rte 522 to the Lake Anna area where I intercepted a rotating rain-free base of a slowly moving storm.  I sat literally underneath the rotation with no wall cloud or funnels evident for 20 minutes until the storm trudged off to the northeast.  Of course when I gave chase through the wilds of Orange and Spotsylvania counties the storm accelerated and I struggled to keep up.  Once I got situated on Mine Road I glimpsed this as I headed east toward Fredericksburg:

For obvious reasons this storm was tornado warned.
I began to lose the storm given the treelines and increasing traffic so I turned south on Brock Road in Spotsylvania county in an end-around attempt but gave up at Todds Tavern, where I gathered my wits and checked radar again.  The trailing storm was also showing evidence of rotation so I headed back north to Route 3 near Wilderness, saw a lowering, and promptly sped east to park in the median and take these photos:

 My initial view
After it evolved a bit.
I did my SkyWarn duty and called in a funnel report to NWS Sterling and this storm became tornado warned as well.  
As I write this yet another storm is bearing down on Fredericksburg with indicated rotation and a tornado warning.  More probably to follow!!