Today’s setup just didn’t look good enough to plan a chase but I woke up from a brief after lunch nap to the sound of thunder and a line of storms heading directly toward us. I couldn’t say no, so after watching the line for a while I noticed one cell with some indicated rotation and picked that one out of the crowd to chase.
After first moving toward the Stafford county regional airport I decided that the line’s trajectory was moving the interesting parts east of Route 1 thus I headed in that direction. After a couple of stops to photograph and video the line I wound up at a favorite viewing spot in western King George county a few minutes before the storm I was tracking became severe-warned. Surface winds were out of the east/northeast and the cells themselves were pushing outflow winds out of the northwest, and my location was directly underneath the confluence shown here on a doppler radar display:

My location is at the yellow star

I was literally under a broad area of rotation and could see it in the low level cloud motions. There was even a hint of an inflow band from the east in this photo looking northward:

I didn’t see any definite wallclouds or anything else severe so I waited until the tropical downpour lightened and headed for home. Good local chase, but I’m still thinking about tomorrow!