The reason? I missed every possible tornadic storm this afternoon. My original target was east of Culpeper to intercept a tornado warned cell that was cruising northward from Louisa county where a tornado with damage was reported in Mineral. This same cell received tornado warnings all the way northward past Manassas, but did I get to it in time? Nooooooo….I had to stop and photo/video a wall cloud just west of Fredericksburg and call it in to the National Weather Service office in my capacity as a Skywarn spotter.
There was even another wall cloud to the north of this one, under a different updraft:

After these escaped from view I continued my way west toward the original storm but it had moved north. I did consider heading into Fauquier county to catch up with it, but the back road I tried had a lot of water ponding on it and the rain was still coming down in buckets. Thus, I headed back east to hear yet another tornado warning on a different cell north of Fredericksburg – where I don’t chase because of the traffic – and have since seen video of a definite tornado that crossed I-95 near Quantico.
Rather frustrated I continued east of Fredericksburg and came across this probable wall cloud that was vacuuming up scud underneath another vigorously growing updraft:

Note the geese formation in the upper right; they didn’t seem too concerned over the whole thing.
When this dissipated I headed for home to grab a radar update as this chase featured only the Mk 1 eyeball (my biggest error of the day). Radar at home showed another tornado warned cell stomping northward from Louisa county toward Fredericksburg, so I dutifully rolled back down the driveway to try a dusk intercept of said storm. Alas, I couldn’t see much even with the lightning from this weakening cell so I finally trudged homeward for the final time. And as of this writing yet another storm is headed in our direction… but this one will be a front porch intercept.