After Friday’s severe weather outbreak not far west of Virginia that produced a record number of March tornadoes I felt it was once again time to point out that the Old Dominion receives its share of big storms every year. The statewide tornado drill is coming up on March 20th and is something that businesses, schools, and residences should observe. Preparedness is always better than being caught by surprise without knowing what to do or expect.

This blogpost provides links to a number of videos taken during Friday’s outbreak and provides a sobering reminder of what we need to be aware of. And if these events seem too far away here’s a few local examples from my chasing archives of why we need to pay attention to severe weather:

May 11th 2006 tornado at Todds Tavern

May 28th 2009 funnel southeast of Fredericksburg

As the month progresses I will post more such photos plus a few videos of other local weather events that provide evidence of why the Fredericksburg area should take note of severe weather potential. The March 20th statewide tornado drill is a good way to begin.