After yesterday’s 860 mile journey from Blacksburg to western Arkansas, and after this morning’s 6 hour jaunt to our target area we Hokies were weary travelers…at least until the storms started firing!  We had planned to play a warm front up north near the Kansas / Oklahoma border first and then drop south to see if anything would fire along the dryline. But the best laid plans…well, you know the rest.  When convection started along the dryline in western Oklahoma we jumped on it and were rewarded with the best storm in the area.
We chased this storm for several hours, watching it almost put down a tornado during one of its many recycles.  Then we were caught in the middle of a number of storms all producing significant hail (some to grapefruit size) and plenty of wall clouds.  We retreated south of Interstate 40 to stay out of the worst of them and wound up stopping to view the stormscape all around us, backlit by continuous lightning.  As a result of this stop we witnessed a tornado that only video cameras could capture, so here’s a frame grab:

We’re now in Lawton OK as a result of our southward retreat to avoid the worst of the hail.  And tomorrow promises to be an even better setup for chasing!!