Via Twitter I came across this blogpost that describes a “second season” for storm chasing in the U.S., particularly in the East.  A perusal of stormchase blogs and forums over the past few years corroborates this as strong autumn cold fronts clash with leftover warm and humid airmasses still hanging around the southern and eastern U.S. 

My experience here in Virginia has led me to conclude that our chase potential lasts until at least the Veterans’ Day holiday (November 11th).  Granted there aren’t many fall chase opportunities but there are some.  A quick perusal of my personal chase logs turned up a total of 9 actual chases over the past 10 years for the period October-December, which works out to almost 1 per autumn. During seven of those 9 chases I witnessed a wall cloud, and one of those also included a funnel sighting.  While that’s not much compared to the spring and summer it’s enough to keep the juices flowing over the chaseless winter months!

October 27th 2010 wall cloud and funnel (red circle)