Turns out today wouldn’t have been a good chase day even if I could have gone out.  The low overcast inhibited visibility and the rapid storm motions and early squall line formation would have combined for a very frustrating day.  It turned out that I was in Gretna (on U.S. Route 29 in Pittsylvania county) on some family business and witnessed the squall line pushing through while watching radar.  Here’s a screen grab at 1:10 pm:

Note the broken line segment passing over Gretna (left screen) with some radar-indicated differential wind motion along the line (green and red shades juxtaposed on right screen).   If there was any rotation it wasn’t visible…the sky was a mushy gray overcast.

There were no warnings near my location, but there were some further north on this line starting near Charlottesville.  Oh well, even with a tornado watch my expectations weren’t really high for this event.