We began today in Conway AR knowing that we would be headed to the Wichita Falls TX area to chase given the setup and conditions.  After hours of pushing westward on I-40 we dove southwestward onto I-44 near Oklahoma City and wound up punching through several early afternoon thunderstorms that had fired up in the moist air.  Since the area we were targeting had better conditions for severity we continued toward Wichita Falls to get ahead of the dry line that was forecast to spit out some decent cells.
When we reached Lawton OK, however, one storm began wrapping up in earnest and we diverted to a side road to observe.

Hokies watching an organizing storm

This storm really looked good for about 10 minutes and then began to fall apart so we abandoned it and continued southwestward to get into position to intercept the dry line storms.
The unfortunate part was that the dry line surged much further eastward than we thought it would and we wound up in a tail chase of a tornadic storm that we really didn’t get into good position for until almost dark.  We did see several wall clouds, one which is shown here:

More later when I have some brain power returning.