After a 5000 mile journey that touched 11 states the Hokie Stormchasers are home…so I am too until Monday when the second trip rolls west.  Tuesday’s chase (5/21) involved yet another Moderate Risk with discrete storms that quickly lined out, meaning we chased one storm and then ran from hail cores again.  Starting in Paris TX we drifted southward to the east side of the DFW metroplex to await convection.  When that didn’t occur we became tempted by the cells on the southern end of a squall line that had already formed by lunchtime ahead of an approaching cold front.
The “Tail End Charlie “storm we did chase looked very nice on radar but gusted out before we could get to it.  It put out an awesome shelf cloud that this photo does not do justice:

While we hoped this storm would recycle and regenerate more cells built to the southwest, extending the line and continuing the development of the squall line.  Eventually we cut and ran for it, winding up in ConroeTX for the night which is 40 miles north of Houston (a LOT further south than I wanted to go but that’s chasing for you).
After checking into a hotel and beginning to settle down for the night the storms firing south along the line approached the city with the cell headed toward us becoming tornado warned.  So at midnight the trip leader – Dave Carroll – and I headed outside to move the vans under some cover to avoid large hail and stood outside to observe along with a half dozen students.  I’m sure I videoed a wall cloud that may have had an associated funnel but I won’t know until I have time to edit and review the video.