As far as chases go this one left a lot to be desired.  I knew the storms wouldn’t stay discrete long and would line out quick (shades of the 2013 Hokie Storm Chase) but I’d hoped I could catch one cell before that happened.  Observing the action from Appomattox I chose a northern storm along the quickly building line because it was severe-warned and still somewhat discrete.  That was a mistake for two reasons:  (a) the “black hole” for cell signals that exists between there and I-64 and (b) that cell weakened and didn’t reintensify.

With no cell signal and little visibility from the narrow roads in that area I couldn’t accurately judge my progress against this storm and finally had to run eastward upon reaching Route 6.  I turned south on Route 522 east of Goochland in attempt to get into position on the now-growing squall line and realized that all I was going to see was wind and rain.  I did make a run southward for Amelia Courthouse on Route 360 but was impeded by a tree across the roadway (Route 609 in Amelia County).  The resultant detour and accompanying traffic slowed me down enough that the line caught up with me just as I reached 360. 

When running east didn’t allow me to get back ahead of the line I finally pulled off the highway and pointed the chasemobile into the wind to conduct a “static core punch”.  Other than some cool CG’s (see video frame grabs below) I was right:  all I witnessed was wind and rain.  After things eased off I headed for the barn to chalk up yet another Moderate Risk fizzle.