Amid a quiet interval between storminess I poked back through photos of chases earlier this month and decided this was worth posting:

I snapped this still photo of the feature within the white oval at the same time my fixed videocamera was recording (see Aug. 6th post).  This view is looking north and the storm was quartering left to right in front of me.  The feature was underneath the southwestern edge of the storm and I originally thought it was part of the beginnings of a shelf cloud.
However as I watched this area tightened and began to visibly rotate, resembling a low hanging multi-vortex funnel less than a half-mile from me.  Fortunately the cell itself was moving slowly and I had a clear southwestward escape route behind me, so I only slightly tensed as this developed and moved in my direction.  The rotation lasted 45-60 seconds before the funnel dissipated so I wasn’t treated to a close look at a tornado.

Hopefully there is more summer and fall chase action on the calendar before the winter doldrums arrive!