With a cold front was pressing south and east across Virginia I knew Friday 8/23 held potential for decent chase conditions but I was constrained in time – and thus range – by plans we already had in place for dinner guests.  When a very nice cell neared the region from the north and west exhibiting broad rotation on radar I scooted out of the house and headed eastward.  My original plan was to use U.S. Rte 460 to reach the northern end of Bedford county ahead of the storm but I had waited too long so I maneuvered my way instead via VA Rte 24 into central portions of the county.

Even so the rain shaft from this south-moving storm cut off my eastward advance, forcing me off Rte 24 onto southbound county roads.  Fortunately the cell wasn’t moving very quickly so I was able to stop a couple of times to consult the map and make my way through the pleasant countryside while keeping the storm generally in sight.  One such stop was in a church parking lot where I snapped this photo of the leading edge:

Other than some nice lightning/thunder couplets I didn’t see anything exciting as I navigated my way across to Rte 122 southwest of Moneta while keeping an eye on radar:

Once I reached Rte 122 I turned homeward and plowed through another rain shaft on the way.  The portion of the developing line that I had been chasing intensified as it moved further south and east, culminating in a severe-warned storm near Danville VA.  By that time I was back at home awaiting guests…