An upper level low pinwheeled storms in a northwesterly direction across the Old Dominion this day in May. After several redirections that involved rerouting from the original target of the western Richmond suburbs to wandering around in the Appomattox vicinity to heading south on Rte 29 I managed to catch this wall cloud and white sunlit funnel just south of Altavista:

The view is looking east across Rte 29 at this severe-warned storm that was traveling right to left on its northwest trajectory. While driving south on 29 I could tell there was a lowering on this cell – mostly to the left of the frame – but couldn’t see much due to the treelines until I bailed onto the Motley exit which climbs ~30 feet to an intersection. I pulled off at this road junction and hurriedly videoed and snapped photos as the funnel dangled lazily underneath.