I use “chase” very loosely with respect to tomorrow when a cold front pushes across the Old Dominion. GFS and NAM still disagree a bit on timing as well as the amount of instability so I’m not expecting a lot. It will be a chance to iron out a few more wrinkles in this year’s chase gear, including a live stream via Severe Studios. (I’ll only have the live stream up if there is something worth seeing…not a fan of watching someone’s feed while they drive down a highway.) Looks like tomorrow morning will involve poring over the short range models for timing and target location.

Friday, however, could be a different story but there are still a number of model runs to go (this morning’s 12Z GFS is a bit more pessimistic than earlier solutions). It’s that time of year when it’s prudent to keep an eye on the models as the week progresses so as to not miss a chase opportunity!