I suppose it was fitting to storm chase on Earth Day even if the setup wasn’t conducive to seeing much. A cold front crossing the mountains created a lee trough that fired up some cells that didn’t amount to anything given a paucity of moisture (DP’s only near 50).  However this was a great opportunity to shake out the equipment and streaming setup before any serious weather arrived.

I rolled eastward first to Burnt Chimney to assess the situation and found myself underneath a developing convective line. Continuing eastward to Gretna I rechecked radar and visually scanned the western horizon before deciding to drop south to Chatham. A reasonably developed storm was headed in that direction and I stopped on Rte 57 east of town to watch, live stream, and take a photo or two:

As I awaited the approach of this storm I noticed on radar a couple of discrete cells west of this line segment and a bit further south. I thus motored east to the other side of the White Oak Mountain ridgeline to stay ahead of the rain and then dove south. I wound up at a truck stop / warehouse complex on Rte 29 just north of Blairs and stopped to live stream again, this time communicating via text and voice with WDBJ’s Robin Reed. The live stream quality was good but there really wasn’t much to see:
I finished the chase by verifying some strong outflow winds south of Danville that actually showed on radar. After these cells swept on by I had a dry trip homeward.