…in our chase territory, anyway. The forecast models didn’t handle the position of today’s cold air damming wedge very well (imagine that!!) and the heavy hitting activity all happened along the warm front well to the south and east of our chosen region. Starting out toward our Yanceyville NC target we diverted east from Danville along Rte 58 in an attempt to catch the southern cell on line segment moving out of NC. We never did see anything we could identify as a base and we thus let that storm (and line segment) steam off northeastward.

Heading south from South Boston we stopped to watch and wait in Roxboro NC. We gave chase to a couple of elevated cells that went up west of town, winding up back in Virginia after not seeing anything. When we noticed a stronger storm heading toward Danville we jogged back west but ceilings and visibilities tanked as we maneuvered to intercept it. Thus we saw nothing…again.

That was the M.O. for today. Elevated convection did consistently fire along Rte 158 in North Carolina near our target location but the cells that formed fizzled quickly as they moved further into the yucky conditions (cold air, drizzle, and low ceilings) north of the Virginia line. After grabbing dinner in Danville we agreed to call it a day when nothing else of note looked to transpire.

Tomorrow. That’s it. Tomorrow.