Given today’s setup with a bit of instability, no cap, and almost no shear I chose not to chase. Of course with no cap a number of storms fired early, one of which cut short my afternoon stroll around a local park. As the rain and thunder approached I retreated to a hill above the park to watch the storm cross the Roanoke valley.

I noticed on radar that this cell exhibited broad rotation to my southwest and then noted a rain free base in that direction, somewhat indistinct amid the fuzzy visibility resulting from high humidity. As I continued watching a lowering under this base developed into a wall cloud:

I couldn’t see enough detail thru the August-like haze to determine whether this wall cloud was rotating but the storm itself developed what appeared to be striations on the updraft before it rained itself out:
As the cell dissipated I departed to run a couple of errands. As I did so another storm built almost in the same direction from which the first one originated. Thus I wound up back on the same hilltop vantage point to see yet another rain free base and – you guessed it – another wall cloud:
This cell also rained itself out as I watched so I rambled homeward but kept an eye on radar. Stronger cells began firing in earnest east of the mountains and for a time I regretted my decision not to chase today. However these storms pulsed and rained out quickly as well so I was spared any lasting regrets. 
One thing I did note on radar was the development of horizontal convective rolls:
All in all not a bad “non”-chase day!