Sunday May 18th the 2014 Hokie Stormchasers will roll out of Blacksburg. Officially this is the Virginia Tech Severe Weather Field Course so it is a formal class. The students – 13 of them – will be graded for their efforts. They will be forecasting where we will target each day, with (some) sanity and plenty of risk management oversight from the trip leaders.

At the moment it appears that we will head west of St. Louis to spend the night Sunday, with an eye toward north central Kansas for Monday. As in past trips, however, we reserve the right to change any or all of these plans on the fly as forecast models and conditions dictate. You can track our progress on the Hokie Stormchase blogsite or via @hokiestorm on Twitter. I will also be posting here on this blog as well as tweeting at @chrisvawx.

Now, for some supercells…