We didn’t really skip chasing today but we did decide to take it easy and not zoom down the road to reach a chase target several hours away. After 5 straight days of traveling and chasing – and touching 13 states – today’s setup didn’t look enticing enough to push hard again. And since the next several days look to be rather active we punted and spent time in Hereford TX doing laundry, eating lunch, and spending several hours burning off excess energy at a local park:

We would have chased if anything had gone up within an hour or two of our location but nothing did so we booked hotel rooms in Clovis NM to position ourselves for tomorrow. We took advantage of the time to eat a dinner together at Juanito’s where they sat all 18 of us at one table:

Now we’re all resting up for another wave of chasing action (and catching up on things back home).